EMG launches ConnectLuxe, a Virtual Concierge System for Homes, Buildings & Communities
ConnectLuxe - Virtual Concierge System for Homes, Buildings & Communities

ConnectLuxe is a virtual concierge system designed for Homes, Buildings & Communities. ConnectLuxe provides a resident the ability to reserve amenities available, connect with the management, update their contact information, review and download meeting notes, rules & regulations and search for approved experts and businesses within the community.

ConnectLuxe helps connect each community and their partners, providing residents the tools and with a premium concierge system that can be accessed anywhere with your computer, tablet, cell phone or through optional digital kiosks at designated locations in the community.

- Reserve amenities/order services
- View events and meeting information
- Pay bills/make comments/connect with other residents
- View documents in a secure (password protected) system
- Search and create classifieds/search for businesses & experts
- System is accessible via desktop, tablet and mobile phone; 24/7/365
- Other features can be customized

For more information, contact ConnectLuxe at 888-318-3884.
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